Don’t make it easy then…

Today is the last day my son will be at home with us before going to university.   When I say “at home”, I actually mean that his things are here but his presence has just headed out the door to be with friends at one last activity before they go different directions across the country.   This evening we will meet him for tea, and then head to another wider family activity, before we all return home for a final night together.   Tomorrow two cars will head to the university city where we will leave him until he chooses to come home for a few days.

Its been a tough week, as I’ve tried to keep how difficult I am finding this to myself while also trying to encourage him to begin to pack so he would be ready to go on Saturday morning.   He’s managed to pack three small boxes of what he thinks he is taking with him, but no clothes.

As he left, I asked if he had done any more packing, and he has offered to stay to do that but I know he should see his friends.

Once I’ve finished some work that I’ve still to do (on my day off) I will begin the process of washing and laying out the things he has so that they can be packed this evening.

He is not making this easy in terms of emotion or work.   He may be independent in spirit, but I’m not convinced in living.   I’m hoping that as we part tomorrow, we have ensured that he had everything he needs to allow him to settle quickly and achieve all he hopes for in life.



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