Tea and Toast

In the next month or so, the congregation will be welcoming over 400 people to worship one Sunday morning as the local Logistics Corp have a Standard blessed.   Like many of these event style acts of worship there are meetings that take place beforehand to ensure smooth running on the day.   Its not just the military that like to run with military precision, but it is good fun being allowed to watch real military precision in action.

This morning was the fourth time I have met two of this group, but the second formal meeting for planning.

Prior to the meeting we gathered in the Mess for a cup of tea, and were joined by the base staff for their morning break.   It wasn’t long before the toaster was working at full capacity as each of the staff came in to have their break and a chat.

I live with a teenage boy these days, so I’m growing used to seeing large amounts of carbohydrate put away.   However there was toast, butter, cheese and jam in vast amounts.   Sometimes all three substances found their way on to the same piece of toast.

It’s obviously hard and energy consuming work at a Logistics Corp base, and perhaps most impressively a real sign that the army really does march on a full stomach.

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