Late night or early morning pondering.

It’s a while since the last post, and I’m not sure there is really much to say other than “hello”.

It’s February and time to take some time out of ministry for a holiday, to age and to ponder a little.   This week I’ve been accompanied in my holidaying by the family.   But from Monday I am on my own and with 10 days still to go.   Who knows what I might get up to?!

First I think it is time to face the fact that the study needs to be tidied.   Every so often I’ve had a shot at finding the desk in the last few weeks, and then the chaos has surrounded me again.    Sitting in the midst of the heap of books and papers I am filled with dread at the prospect.   It will have to be done.   Fortunately the thing that really frightened me, the tax return, was done before the January deadline.

Then I’d better finish the writing I promised I would do last year that was supposed to be in by July.   The first piece finally made it in last month, and so the second is in a semi prepared state and needs to be finished.

What then might I do?   Time to hide the iPad, phone and computer and read the three books that sit upon my desk, one of which is a re-read ready for Lent.   There is the lovely temptation of the cinema, with a couple of films that would feed the soul to be seen.   That may have to wait until the last few days, as the cinema I would go to has changed its timetable for a different school half term.   So next weeks daytime viewing is predominantly children’s films, unless I want to go and see “Fifty Shades of Grey”.   I don’t.

The instruction not to do any work while I’m supposed to be on holiday rings clearly in my ear.   But looking at maps doesn’t count , even if it is to find potential easy walking routes for summer evenings with others.   And nor would reading books or asking about social outreach projects if that was something that helped feed my imagination.

And hopefully there will also be time for eating sensibly and walking and who knows maybe the running again might not seem such a daunting prospect.   Must try not to fall over this year, would prefer not to spend another year nursing the bruises and the other bits and pieces that hindered the past year.