Nothing to say…

Self moderation means that sometimes it is best to write nothing just in case someone is offended by something they see, but its also been busy.   Almost two years into this new place, and I still feel the number of names is overwhelming and the homes I’ve yet to visit does not diminish.   However it’s fun.

So just as a taster and maybe I will write more once the holidays are over and I have a little more time, these are some things that I have discovered about life in the last three months.

1.   You can think for years that someone doesn’t like you, only to discover that they are quite fond of you, supportive and encouraging.

2.   I still hate flying.

3.   Church meetings can be fun.

4.   Sometimes you are asked to do things you never thought you would do

5.   People really will come out at 10pm on a Monday evening to church when it is not Christmas if it is something to which they can make an emotional connection.

6.   Holidays should be spent with absolutely no internet connection.

In amongst that I can see somethings to say, but they will have to wait as it is sermon night and I’ve a computer keyboard to throw my brain over for the next few hours.