A Gift

Last week was the regular visit to the nursing home in the parish. While I go every month, there is a rota of congregation members who act as helping hands and pianists. It’s been a new venture for the congregation, and those who help have thrown themselves into their roles.

The short mid afternoon services are not always well attended, but those who help, sit and chat with the residents, open hymn books, and sing lustily when required. The pianists pick hymns, and then adapt their style to suit a keyboard and the audience. We usually borrow a keyboard as the care home has no piano or keyboard.

On this occasion though the pianist suggested he would bring his accordion.

It was brilliant idea.

The residents joined in, some wanted to dance. There were tears as we sang old favourites.

It wouldn’t have been my instrument of choice, but in the situation of this worship it fitted.

Later the same evening Sally Magnusson was speaking about dementia with in her family, and the calming and helpful effect that music could have. That afternoon in the nursing home had demonstrated some of that.