When will you make my phone ring?

Ah!  The words of my absolute favourite Deacon Blue song.   Played so much in a bedroom and in the sixth year common room, that I can sing lead vocal, all three harmonies and probably quite a lot of the instrumentation depending on my mood on any given day.

While it is a song about waiting for a lost love to phone and re-ignite a relationship, its a sing that for me sums up two kinds of people.   Those who are proactive in phone calls and those who phone when their buttons are pushed.

I’m in the first group.   The phone’s not my favourite thing, but I like to check that friends are okay.   If you are in that group it can seem an endless wait when those you are friendly with fall into the second category.    While life might be busy for both parties, and while you might not be in to take a phone call, there is that strange sense of bereavement when there is no message from someone you had hoped might call does not.

We’re all very different aren’t we.

I’ll not need to search out the phone book to make some calls later, for the strangest part about my memory is that phone numbers of those who share history stick.