Travelling Space

My fifth morning on a train this week, and I’m tired and sore. Only one more to go. Today holds the delight of chaplains, and there will be a different mood following yesterday’s events in Woolwich.

In the afternoon we will look at the implications of Constitutional Change for Scotland. That may show the spread of opinion across a group of Christian people.

Over the next few weeks there will be time spent reflecting on the debates and events of the week. Even at this early stage there is reflection on Monday’s debate, and I think for some a sense of uneasiness is beginning to settle. Did the vote on offer any movement anywhere, or instead do we continue to be in a holding pattern that in effect has placed this who felt marginalised even more at the margins?

As Monday unfolded it was difficult to keep up with what was happening. Laying aside the issue of the day, the already complex legal frame had to be manoeuvred. And with a seeming last minute plea, legislation became on the hoof and chaotic.

Addressing the issue of the day, it was interesting to note that no-one touched the content of the report. Neither side challenged the premise contained within, or the cruel, archaic use of language (myself included).

On reflection there are so many “might haves” and “could haves” that should have been voiced, rather than being kept hidden. Now instead an already marginalised group find themselves still in the border land, waiting another year. A bigger group that claims it is being marginalised continues to seek the primacy of the understanding, and those caught between carry a guilt for not speaking or recognising the manipulation of emotion.



Making progress

With the lighter mornings and nights, returning to running has been easier than I expected. This week I began the sixth week if the C25K programme, and over the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed the hypnotic effect of listening to Laura.

I’m not the world’s greatest runner. So far I can manage 20 mins non stop which allows me to cover 2 miles. I could probably walk faster. However I enjoy the space physically and mentally.

With no-one able to disturb your thoughts there is much that can be rearranged and ordered. Watching creation change in this late spring stirs creativity, and plans and ideas be gin to take shape.

Perhaps the downside for me is that while I run a quiet road, I still find myself being spotted. If I had to travel to run I would never bother, so for the time being its a bug I have to live with.