Misty Morning

As always I’m far too early for the funeral I’m conducting this morning. This is no new habit. I’m paranoid about being late and so for all my ministry I have arrived at least half an hour early at crematoriums, except when I have travelled with a family.

The early time means that I have time in the car park to review what I’ve written, and some space from the phone and voices to collect my thoughts.

Today I’ve had more time than most for thinking, as I fitted in a run before being at the desk. The icy mist threatened the beginnings of tackling week 3 of the programme. As I began the 90 seconds of running that opened the exercise the cold air hitting the lungs nearly had me turning for home. The shock made the first breaths difficult, but the hypnotic effect of the podcast kicked in and by the final 3 minute run I was even running up hill.

It’s a question of making time, but I appreciate the moments when I can just watch the world around me, and work through my thoughts.

This mornings mist allowed me to think about the mist of anger I’m working through over some daft fall out recently. I think I’ve thought of how to move to a new stage and relationship, but knowing there are always more sides than you can see , there is some sensitive groundwork to cover first.

Right, time for a funeral.



2 thoughts on “Misty Morning

    • Thank you for the concern. Cause was most likely the result of a minister getting her knickers in a twist. This has been a better week, that involved overwhelming nerves instead. But that’s a different blogpost to be thought about, probably after another run and view of the world.

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