Just another day…

Did you know it had been my birthday?   Depending on how you know me, and where else you encounter me, you may have a clue.   However for the most part very few people know when it is as I tend not to tell people.   I do however always take the days around it as a holiday, and have done so since leaving school and starting work as while at school these had often been days of holidays.   And if you didn’t know, please know that’s what I prefer.

For others birthdays are special and good fun, and I’m more than happy to share in that excitement and joy for other people.   However its not what I want for mine. I can’t tell you when this started, and I can assure you that it has nothing to do with ageing as that doesn’t worry me.   Despite my job and public persona I’m not a big fan of having attention pointed at me, so probably best to skip singing “Happy Birthday.”

If I were to analyse myself I could give you a variety of reasons, but no-one needs to know my idiosyncrasies.   I do know that for a number of years now there is often an “incident” that happens to add to the marking of the day.  This year’s “incident” being my parent’s being burgled while they were at ours.   Fortunately they are fine although I believe the house is need of some repair, and I’m about to pack some things for the day and go and see how they are this morning.

So next year  I’m keeping it low key, and hoping for just another day,



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