Completed and submitted

Despite being on holiday still, I finally managed to submit the piece of work I had been invited to contribute. In the day before everyone else in the house joined me on holiday I put my head down and by late that evening had 2500 words of something that vaguely made sense. Most of it was commentary on the subject I’d been asked to look at and the Biblical texts that were appropriate to that. I’d managed one piece of liturgy, which fortunately had rushed into my head while getting up one morning and I had scribbled down. (At least this time I wasn’t walking to school, and suddenly having to send myself a voice message in case I forgot.)

With a good start it was good to be able to abandon it and head off as a family on holiday. We headed south in the car for a couple of nights in a hotel just outside a university town, and it was a good and relaxing time. Some took the opportunity to make good use of the pool, others caught up on some reading. We met a godfather and enjoyed a meal and a walk around the city together, enjoyed some sightseeing and museum visiting, climbed to the top of a tower to see the view, and then went to dinner with friends and remembered how easily children who have not really got to know each other can fall into an easy knowledge as they share their stories and games.

Meeting up with people and catching up on their lives is always good. You laugh when you realise the similarities that have passed through your lives. When you were once best friends, its good to know the easiness that means that even though years pass between meetings the reason that you were friends can still encourage certain amount of intimacy. We’ve caught up on family, shared our shared position within the family – in fact I think amusingly everyone of us at dinner that evening was an eldest child – and known the frustrations and the advantages.

Returning home but not to work, a certain amount of routine has kicked in as everyone else’s lives have returned to usual. I’m still clinging to the vestiges of a holiday, although I need to be more thorough at not answering the phone or responding to email – none of which is easy when you are in the manse. The piece of work is completed though and submitted. I’m not convinced that it is the right thing, but there lies another of my continuing concerns – the notion that the things we write for worship are ever finished.

I’ll come back to that thought later today or tomorrow but for now, I’m going nowhere near my place of work to drop of things for other people… Not me…I’m just making a minor detour as I head to a bigger city to meet a friend for coffee.



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