Day one of the supposed concentrating on writing worship material for others, and it was a fail.   It started beautifully with a run, and then a trip to have blood checked – and that was where the day began to run away from me.   There was a queue on the road to get to the destination for this, and that meant that an extra half hour out of the house I hadn’t counted on.   Once eventually home, reading became the order of the day, and in that time there were four calls from potential brides.   There was always a meeting planned for lunchtime and early afternoon, and then some wedding couples to meet this evening.   So genuinely today has been a fail in terms of written work.   Tomorrow I must do better…

In trying to make a start, I was re-reading the request for being involved and realised that perhaps I’m supposed to see something as an issue that to be honest I never have – although I do know that for others the issue of gender and their role in various occupations has been a challenge.   In fact if I were to think about which part of my life I had experienced gender inequality then I would have to go back to my days of working in an office where if you were male you were trained to do ledgers while the “girls” were left to look after the tasks of managers’ coffee making and looking after the filing.

I’m not sure I can fit that thought into what I’ve to write, but tomorrow I really need to put the creative hat on and have some prayers, sermon thoughts and other items written.   It would be quite nice to submit before having a holiday, rather than rushing on the last afternoon to come up with the goods.



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