Desk Bound

Finally yesterday afternoon I could stand it no longer, and on returning from an afternoon of visiting I picked up a black bag and tidied my desk and the floor around it. The last four months have been busy, and on the occasions when I’m in the study tidying up is not a key task. Usually it’s working through the emails, or writing some form of worship. This has meant that a flood of paper was slowly overwhelming everything.

There were a number of reasons for the tidying, but not least were the holiday that awaits in the middle of next week and that before I get to the holiday there has to be some determined sitting at the desk and producing some writing.

The writing stems from noticing on a website that it is now public knowledge that its me producing a piece of writing for others to use. I was asked months ago, and while I have two pages of notes scribbled whenever they appear in the brain, there is nothing in a format for others to use. It has to be submitted within a fortnight, so the time has come to focus and produce something.

I’ve been putting it off, partly because I still suffer from my student day last minute preparation. However also because the topic I’ve to write is something that others will have an opinion on, and I wouldn’t want to under or over play the topic. There’s also the part of me that is trying to work out if/how I might use what I write in my own context. My feeling is that some of it may be too meditative and single issued for a new congregation. That feeling may resolve itself once I get writing.

This year I want to have written before I go on holiday and not find myself taking it with me. Last night we finally decided where we might spend a couple of days. This holiday we want to concentrate on being a family, and settle into some of our new experiences together. The journey will be a good opportunity to talk, while hopefully if I can find a hotel with a pool there will be a little bit of fun, as well as sightseeing of the city we plan to visit. With a couple of friends not too far away, there will also be some news exchanging.



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