Averting Disaster

Having worked my way through folding and ironing of at least four loads of washing, a treat of homemade trifle seemed a good idea. With no cream in the fridge, the man of the house volunteered to visit the shop.

Only once the jelly was set, the madeira cake soaked in sherry, and custard poured across the top did the cream get pulled out of the fridge.

Aaahh! Extra thick double cream…Not sure I had the muscles to whisk that. However a little milk and it was easier to mix, and now I’m enjoying the treat.



Celebrating Season

Tonight I am very full of food, and contemplating a day of light meals tomorrow. I’m not complaining, as it has been good to spend time with friends and family, catching up on their lives.

Lunch today was particularly enjoyable, not just because our children were not with us and therefore there was no little bored voice asking when we might be going home repetitively. Instead we joined a congregational couple as they celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Those who were there were in the main were people who were associated with the congregation, either today or in the past. The couple themselves are both elders, and it was good to be part of something that gave a clear indication of how the church and their faith have been an important part of who they are individually and as a couple.

Today was very much a day of celebration, but a celebration of all that their married life has asked them to encounter, and in amongst the joy there were tinges of more difficult times. The generosity of today was not just the food and hospitality, but also about being invited to recognise that true celebration of life can only happen when we embrace the lows along with the highs and the ordinariness.


All Prepared

Today will involve a little bit of washing and ironing to try and have some semblance of order begin to descend upon our house. Apparently we’ve also a trip to a gaming shop and and a soft toy shop to make, to take a little advantage of the sales. Then in the late afternoon we will head off to visit friends.

We’ve a few days of socialising to be had, which is great as it offers something for us all and a break from the rampage through Christmas presents.

Unusually all my worship is written and prepared for this week – apart from buying some bubble mix. The readers were asked before Christmas, and while one of them is a little uncertain about what they are doing that is something that can be fixed in a brief phone conversation. As an extra bonus some of the Kirk Session are leading worship on 8th January.

All of this offers an opportunity to spend time with the family on holiday; do some reading; and maybe think a little about what a new year might bring.


The Christmas Season

In all kinds of church communities the past weekend will have been a frenzy of activity, with differing things happening for all kinds of age groups. This year we were one activity down, with the advantage of Christmas on a Sunday.

My church community tries to appeal to a broad group of people, so we are traditional with candles, carols and the King James version; or we decorate fruit and tell a story with some slightly more up-beat carols. The Christmas Eve Christingle service is now in its 10th year, and continues to be popular.

In amongst the candle light and excitement there are always behind the scenes tensions and anxieties. Perhaps the hope of awaiting love in the birth of an infant means we are reminded of the potential to be forgiven our seasonal fallouts.