As a nearly 50 year old woman I am currently feeling quite pathetic. Nearly a fortnight of being unwell and none of the people I would class as my “good friends” have been in touch.

There seems to be an assumption that when you are married with a family that all of your relationship needs are being met. Why would you need to speak to anyone else?

Of course being tied to the house gives you lots of time for thinking that you don’t have when constantly moving from task to task. You notice that it is usually you the instigates the connections; that those you considered “best” friends haven’t answered phone calls for over a month.

Good friendship is important and I thought a two way thing. Perhaps I’m not the friend to others that I consider them to be to me.

As I said a pathetic post, and all will be well when I get back into wider company. I promise my next post will be lighter.